March 2017

Just perfect! Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. The view, the house, the location, all amazing.

18th June 2017

We have holidayed on this coast for many years, staying in several house’s. Never have we felt so absolutely welcomed and at home as here.

Thank you Beachcomber.

Seaside Sanctuary

A welcome return to my seaside sanctuary, surveying sea, sky, sand, spiritually satisfying.

18th August 2015

The sea, the sea, the sea is what brings us back time and time again. She breathes life back into our souls, our bodies and minds. Thank you for letting us stay in this sun-kissed, wind -swept haven of peace.

31st May 2017

The perfect space. Amazingly wonderful time. Simply serene.

10th October 2014

A very magical place! Enchanting house and furnishings and so cosy, with unbelievable views.

Won’t forget it in a hurry.

13th February 2015

A perfect place to clear the head and revitalize the soul, simply wonderful.